"Furnishings must be invisible, like a true butler: their only goal must be to enhance the displayed product, communicate its qualities and valorize them."

Costa Group, a company specialized in the design and fitting of public F&B shops, boasts more than 6.000 shops worldwide and many collaborations with important brands in the Food & Retail industry.

The company, managed by the two brothers Franco and Sandro Costa, extends over 13.000 square meters immersed in the countryside in Riccò del Golfo, in the province of La Spezia. This is where ideas and projects are shaped to become examples of the Made in Italy around the world.

Among its key features are the design and construction of the shops on site: from the study of the format to the 1:1 scale simulation inside the factory, the assembly and subsequent assistance. It is a swift, fast-moving process, working closely with the customer in order to deliver a finished, but tailor-made, product.

Today Costa Group means technology and research. It is about creating more than just a piece of furniture, it is about giving it a voice so that the product can “talk” and not be merely displayed.

 "Where this journey will lead us, we do not know yet, but wherever we go, we will go there with the passion, the honesty and the courage that have been passed on to us."

In 2007 Costa Group was awarded the "Confindustria Award for Excellence" as a premium company in the "Company Champion of Made in Italy in the world" category. Since 2008, the company is amongst the members of the National Council of Confimprese and, in 2009, it was added to the prestigious list of companies belonging to the Leonardo Committee, which promotes and affirms the "quality of the Made in Italy" around the world. Costa Group is also a strategic partner of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.


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