Ham Holy Burger doubles, with the first opening in Rome, after the success of Milan.

The formula is always the same: high-quality hamburger prepared with Piedmontese meat (the one of La Granda, an association of Piedmontese breeders aimed at enhancing local meat) guaranteed by a Slow-Food presidium, and orders placed using Ipads.

A different location in a charming site: Ham Holy Burger opens its doors in Via Brescia, in the ancient Peroni beer store, whose restyling has been assigned to Costa Group and Sebeto Group, confirming the well-established partnership between the two companies.

The intervention combines the preservation of original elements, such as the decorations on the walls, the boiserie and granito tiles, and more industrial elements that make the location look like a “sandwich workshop”.

The tablets of the “Ham free zone” can be used to take a look at the menu, to ask for the bill or simply to surf the net thanks to the free wi-fi connection.

Everything reflects the mood of a format based on oppositions: the simplicity of the hamburger and the sophistication of the ingredients, the elegant essentiality of the ambience and the technology of the Ipads.

La Poma: more than an hotel 12 SEPTEMBER 2012

La Poma: more than an hotel

More than an hotel.

La Poma, the charming location situated in La Rambla, right in the centre of Barcelona, starts from the concept of hotel and goes far beyond it, becoming a multipurpose and multifunctional location.

For the creation of this innovative concept La Poma chooses the style and expertise of Costa Group, the Ligurian design and shopfitting company.

Costa Group creates a location that changes during the day, with a wide offer that meets the client's needs and expectations.

Infact, La Poma is not only a hotel but also a restaurant that offers authentic tastes and recipes of Italian culinary tradition, a place where you can feel like home.

The location is a bulwark of made in Italy in one of the most cosmopolitan and avant-garde streets of the world, visited by thousands of tourists every day.

Together with the culinary offer including Mediterranean delicacies prepared in front of the clients, the modern design and the attention to details make the difference, creating a “must” not to be missed.

La Poma, a convivial and modern place that you cannot miss if you want to live the best in Barcelona.

We are waiting for you at Iba! 30 AUGUST 2012

We are waiting for you at Iba!

Munich, 16-21 September

Stand Costa Group, Pav B6 n. 211

VAN BOL & FESTE: a sweet history since 1890, from Naples to Milan 24 JULY 2012

VAN BOL & FESTE: a sweet history since 1890, from Naples to Milan

In Milan, just two steps from Castello Sforzesco, in Largo Cairoli, has opened Van Bol & Feste.

The name is historical: Van Bol & Feste has been founded in 1890 in Naples, and has now reached the capital of fashion and design with its bakery cafè.

Clients arrive at Van Bol & Feste at any hour of the day: in the morning for tasting delicious breakfast, at lunch time for having a break, and maybe coming again for dinner, or simply for having an ice-cream, unique for quality, or for buying chocolate and delicatessen.

Costa Group has realized the shop, creating a warm and familiar atmosphere. The food is cooked in front of the client, who can admire its preparation from the wide window that separates the kitchen while waiting for the dinner, delighting the eyes as well with an excellent wines selection, displayed on wood shelves.

A more cosmopolitan atmosphere characterizes the pastry and coffee area. The counter stays in the center of the shop, creating a service area and showing a wide selection of cakes and delicatessen.

A counter for a quick breakfast before going back to the frenzy of the city life, or few seats to enjoy the pleasure of the relaxing atmosphere of the morning time. During the sunny days you can seat in the external area, surmounted by an imposing art decò style window, that reminds the precious coffee shops of the late '800. The perfect frame for Van Bol & Feste 1890.

Artsenal, summer in town 20 JULY 2012

Artsenal, summer in town

A coffee before “Aida”, or a spritz after “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”.

From an ancient abandoned building in the hearth of the city, to an open theatre, to listen music in the summer nights. And a bar, inside the decadent walls of an ex warehouse, once used by the artillery of Marina Militare, and then abandoned for years.

A civilian conversion, for one of the many military buildings, that occupy the waterfront of La Spezia.

And the best is turning this space into a place suitable for opera and live music, with a cafè bar, as in a real teathre.

The design is made by Costa Group, who succeeds in combining a plain but suggestive intervention in the decadent ambiance, the crumbled walls and the precarious plaster, with the insertion of a simple and modern bar station. Creating an effect of unexpected design, thanks to the contrast between the history told by cracks and neglect and the surprising effect, that places a bar inside this decadent curtain, bringing music, conviviality and the citylife inside the walls.

Thanks to few elements: a long counter, a line of light bulbs, hand-decorated tables and benches. And the shrewdness of using semi-darkness and empty space as furniture elements, and the antique relics, old boats, ropes and service trolleys, to tell the origins of a seaside place.

Beyond the glass door, the open theatre: an arena of military archaeology, and an outstanding stage, crossed by the sea breeze, and illuminated by the summer nights. Creating a fascinating curtain to listen, watch and taste. Far away from the chaos, in a place that returns to the city, in its more spectacular way.