Costa Group per l'ospedale pediatrico Gaslini di Genova 18 JULY 2012

Costa Group per l'ospedale pediatrico Gaslini di Genova

Costa Group contribuisce alla raccolta fondi pro Gaslini, organizzata da ANVVF, Sezione La Spezia. Appuntamento giovedì 26 Luglio alla Fortezza Firmafede di Sarzana, per "Note Spezzate", un concerto tributo di artisti spezzini.
Costa Group per Artsenal 2012 18 JULY 2012

Costa Group per Artsenal 2012

Costa Group sponsorizza Artsenal La Spezia Festival, l'evento che dal 18 al 23 agosto apre la città alla musica
Costa Group per Scoprimpresa 2012 17 JULY 2012

Costa Group per Scoprimpresa 2012

Al via la terza edizione del progetto ScoPrimpresa, la nuova piattaforma sociale per lo sviluppo di persone e organizzazioni, ideata da Axential Consulting, di cui Costa Group è sponsor.

Durante la conferenza stampa di lancio, svoltasi lo scorso 4 luglio presso la Camera di Commercio della Spezia, sono state illustrate le novità del progetto.

Eataly Rome, let beauty speak 5 JULY 2012

Eataly Rome, let beauty speak

In Rome opens its doors the biggest market of the world. Dedicated to beauty.

According to Oscar Farinetti beauty will save Italy, and this is the idea that underlies the creation of Eataly Roma, the greatest italian wine and gourmet excellence center worldwide.

And Eataly's beauty has been enhanced by Costa Group's funishings created for the 4 floors of the building, 17.000 sqm of high quality products. Once again, after New York and Genova.

The partnership continues through the years because, as Nicola Farinetti says «no one except Costa Group can create “no-formats” like Eataly, places based on a single philosophy but realized in different ways. Eataly is not a chain, but 19 different stores: this is the reason why we need to have creative and flexible partners, who can create wonderful projects and then imagine something completely different for the following store. With Costa Group we can do that».

Now, let beauty speak.

At Eurocarne, Costa Group presents the “moving butcher's” 4 JUNE 2012

At Eurocarne, Costa Group presents the “moving butcher's”

How can we react to the butcher's crisis? Getting the butcher out of the counter.

The idea is simple and unusual for all the operators who believe that the commercial challenge against the retail distribution is doomed from the start.

If the ground is mined, the present challenge is to rediscover traditions, diversifying consumption. The battle has to be fought in the quality field, combining a certified production chain and a service that involves the consumer from the cutlet purchase to the cooking and serving of the steak.

Creating a format that combines different souls, in which meat is the main protagonist of the show, Costa Group supports butchers in their challenge: starting from the meat and going further, presenting at EuroCarne a “moving butcher's” in which butchering and cooking, retail and preparation in front of the client are combined together.

The experiment can be considered as a meeting point between the clients and the story behind the products, such as La Granda hamburger (an Eataly's product), raw milk cheeses and high quality coldcuts.

Starting from the meat, Costa Group invents a show in which the butcher stages and performs his exhibit in front of the client.

Because in difficult times we must react with new ideas.