We are waiting for you at Eurocarne, Verona 24-27 May, Pad. 2 Stand n. F9 18 MAY 2012

We are waiting for you at Eurocarne, Verona 24-27 May, Pad. 2 Stand n. F9

Perdere la nostra storia è oggi la sconfitta più grande. Non dobbiamo competere con il mondo sulle novità, ma dobbiamo scommettere sul nostro saper fare e lottare per affermarlo.

Certe arti e certi mestieri atti a esaltare la qualità non si devono perdere né oggi né mai.

E' come salvare la foca monaca o il panda dall'estinzione... oggi possiamo dire salviamo la vacca, o meglio e e più in tema, sal(v)iamo la vacca.

I macellai sono attaccati da tutti, dalla Grande Distribuzione, dagli affitti che aumentano, dai nuovi stili di vita, probabilmente anche dai propri cari che non vedono più benefici nel lavoro.

La soluzione è riconvertirsi in modo moderno, sfruttando il saper fare.

La macelleria va oltre e si apre, con prodotti garantiti per provenienza e qualità al nuovo vivere, per acquistare un prodotto “unico” e consumare sul posto un'esperienza indimenticabile.

Farinella, sea-sized Neapolitan trattoria pizzeria 10 MAY 2012

Farinella, sea-sized Neapolitan trattoria pizzeria

A Naples that you do not expect to find in Serravalle. From today, Farinella (the famous Neapolitan restaurant) honours the tradition of sea style, bringing inside Serravalle McArthurGlenn Designer Outlet a perfect combination of kitchen and sea.

Thanks to the furnishing made by Costa Group, that plays with the colors of the sea, concentrating the marine elements typical of Neapolitan hospitality, in the most characteristic “trattoria”.

An elegant alternance of white and light-blue, in all the possible variations, from mosaic to check tablecloth, passing through a care for the details, aimed at astonishing with the particulars: majolicas, lamps and ropes that turns into drawer handles. With a special space dedicated to the suggestive decorations created with original ceramics from Vietri.

The perfect atmosphere to frame the genuineness of products, talking of colours and tastes of Mediterranean tradition. To live the kitchen with fantasy, in a sea-sized way.

Eataly is coming to Rome 3 APRIL 2012

Eataly is coming to Rome

Work in progress at Eataly Rome building yard, in the Air Terminal of Ostiense station... Costa Group participates in the realization of the largest italian food&wine marketplace in the world.


Proud to be a part of it

We are waiting for you at Alimentaria! 15 MARCH 2012

We are waiting for you at Alimentaria!

Barcelona, 26-29 March Pad 1 Stand A240
2012 Costa Group's theatre season: bread for all tastes! 13 MARCH 2012

2012 Costa Group's theatre season: bread for all tastes!

Looking for bread in a theatre. When shops close their shutters, when it's time to go home and the show begins. 2012 theatre season: bread for all tastes!

Also this year Costa Group confirms its presence at Europain 2012, showing a brand new concept that completely renovates the traditional bakery.

Bread becomes the main protagonist of a great show. The counter disappears and evolves both in its shape and functions: a fascination, an idea that rises from an open view on meeting places, aimed at interacting, surprising, involving.

Costa Group issues a challange to the way of conceiving standardized spaces: the time spent in the bakery is not just aimed at a rapid purchase but becomes a new way of spending time, creating new places like an imaginary theatre for the bread show.

Because bread, like theatre, is a symbol of culture and tradition.

To tell a story about food, and bring it at theatre.

To simplify a natural act, like buying bread.

At Europain 2012 a “theatrical stall” goes on stage for Costa Group's latest show, in which Italian creativity is the real protagonist.