We are waiting for you at Europain 2012! 23 FEBRUARY 2012

We are waiting for you at Europain 2012!

Paris, 3-7 March 2012 Stand 5C42
A Borghetto Vara riapre il Caffè Ivani! 20 FEBRUARY 2012

A Borghetto Vara riapre il Caffè Ivani!

Qualità è Amore: the new Centro Carni Villa Musone store opens its doors 2 FEBRUARY 2012

Qualità è Amore: the new Centro Carni Villa Musone store opens its doors

Quality is Love. Love for your work, passion for quality and respect for the client.

This is the new Centro Carni Villa Musone store philosophy, a temple dedicated to the meat cult, passionately managed by Giuseppe Cingolani and his family. A store, a restaurant, a brasserie and a bar: Centro Carni Villa Musone is all this, in a single place.

Costa Group designs a format entirely dedicated to meat and its processing, trying to enhance the product and all its varieties: a versatile frame which can be adapted to the various functions and moments of the day.

The restaurant area is a perfect example of refined country style, with comfortable leather sofas, big cushions, raw wooden tables and a leather carpet expressing the mood of the place. The bar-cafeteria offers typical American breakfast, and in the brasserie the clients can choose the meat cut they prefer and see its preparation.

A big portion of the place is dedicated to butchery, with sausages and cold cuts hanging on the walls, a place to buy not only meats, but also authentic cheeses and prepared meals. And the relationship between the client and the dealer is always based on trust.

Costa Group succeeds in creating a unique atmosphere, showing a perfect combination of butchery and catering that may be also replicated in many different contexts.

La pralineria di Ferrero atterra a Fiumicino 12 JANUARY 2012

La pralineria di Ferrero atterra a Fiumicino

The praline, the boutique...Ferrero

Ferrero opens at Rome Fiumicino Airport with the world's first airport boutique, realized by Costa Group, who renovates in this occasion a lasting partnership.

A tailored suite: a boutique that combines elegance and quality, with the praline as main protagonist, artfully exposed to stimulate greediness and curiosity and to attract passers-by's attention, with lights, colours and reflections. For the project Costa Group has cooperated with architect Paolo Maldotti.

An exclusive context, starting from the curved roof covered with Ferrero's pralines, diffusing glares and reflections all around: a carefully studied scenography in order to exalt Ferrero's proposal.

A wide choice of pralines and original packets, personalised for every client, both in packaging and selection. To taste, to buy and to bring on journey.

For a chocolate shopping experience dedicated to high quality, even in airport.

An important and innovative concept for italian confectioner Ferrero and for the market as well.

Bindi Dolci & Caffè, a sweet cult place 5 JANUARY 2012

Bindi Dolci & Caffè, a sweet cult place

In San Giuliano Milanese, Bindi designs a new space starting from its factory: a huge store full of food and delicacies, which can be bought or tasted on-the-spot.

Bindi entrusts the design and realization to Costa Group, giving life to a perfect union: just try and see!

Bindi Dolci & Caffè is an important showcase for the company's savoir-faire. Natural materials and colors, concrete counters and refrigerated reclaimed wood dispay cabinets: just some linear pieces of furniture to enhance a scenographic products presentation. In the back of the shop, the clients can choose among a wide selection of wines which can be perfectly combined with the delicacies of the shop.

The refined simplicity of the place creates an enjoyable contrast to the elegant cake, biscuit and praline boxes. Once again, Costa Group's craftsmanship meets Bindi's high confectionery, giving life to a sweet temple of taste.

Bindi Dolci & Caffè is the ideal place for having a breakfast and doing some exclusive shopping, always with satisfaction.