2012 Costa Group's theatre season: bread for all tastes! 13 MARCH 2012

2012 Costa Group's theatre season: bread for all tastes!

Looking for bread in a theatre. When shops close their shutters, when it's time to go home and the show begins. 2012 theatre season: bread for all tastes!

Also this year Costa Group confirms its presence at Europain 2012, showing a brand new concept that completely renovates the traditional bakery.

Bread becomes the main protagonist of a great show. The counter disappears and evolves both in its shape and functions: a fascination, an idea that rises from an open view on meeting places, aimed at interacting, surprising, involving.

Costa Group issues a challange to the way of conceiving standardized spaces: the time spent in the bakery is not just aimed at a rapid purchase but becomes a new way of spending time, creating new places like an imaginary theatre for the bread show.

Because bread, like theatre, is a symbol of culture and tradition.

To tell a story about food, and bring it at theatre.

To simplify a natural act, like buying bread.

At Europain 2012 a “theatrical stall” goes on stage for Costa Group's latest show, in which Italian creativity is the real protagonist.