Bindi Dolci & Caffè, a sweet cult place 5 JANUARY 2012

Bindi Dolci & Caffè, a sweet cult place

In San Giuliano Milanese, Bindi designs a new space starting from its factory: a huge store full of food and delicacies, which can be bought or tasted on-the-spot.

Bindi entrusts the design and realization to Costa Group, giving life to a perfect union: just try and see!

Bindi Dolci & Caffè is an important showcase for the company's savoir-faire. Natural materials and colors, concrete counters and refrigerated reclaimed wood dispay cabinets: just some linear pieces of furniture to enhance a scenographic products presentation. In the back of the shop, the clients can choose among a wide selection of wines which can be perfectly combined with the delicacies of the shop.

The refined simplicity of the place creates an enjoyable contrast to the elegant cake, biscuit and praline boxes. Once again, Costa Group's craftsmanship meets Bindi's high confectionery, giving life to a sweet temple of taste.

Bindi Dolci & Caffè is the ideal place for having a breakfast and doing some exclusive shopping, always with satisfaction.