Costa Group confirms its presence at the 2011 edition of the Host Fair in Milan, with a brand new concept: think about an Hotel hall... and imagine something completely different! The idea is simple, maybe too easy not to try it!
The Hotels are located in the best parts of the cities, they offer large but mostly unused spaces, and innovation and technology have completely changed the approach with the client... at Host, Costa Group tries to reshape the hotel hall, filling an empty space with friendship, music and attractions.

The 500 sqm of the Pavilion 14 renovate and recreate the wide spaces of an ideal Hotel.
Usually not much used or simply considered as a passage way, the hall is a space dedicated to meetings and conviviality, not used exclusively by the clients and only at certain times of the day but an enjoyable place accessible throughout the whole day.
From breakfast to an aperitif with friends, from bread, fruits and vegetables puchase to an icecream with the children.
For the occasion, 5 spaces in a single unit have been created to mix tradition and creativity.
The pastry area is a traditional setting, preserving the atmosphere of a shop of the past. Colors and tastes are wisely combined and showed together with an interesting ice-creams novelty: refrigerated “pozzetti” (steel lids), a Costa Group's patent, recall atmospheres and tastes of the past, telling us that “sometimes an ice-cream helps us live better”.
Innovation and originality are the main features of the fruit and vegetable corner with a consolidated format like Pasqualino: a fitting made up of salvaged materials, like wood pallet, and natural elements like the bright light-colored stone, used as a scenographic frame surrounding fruits and vegetables. Pasqualino reinterprets the greengrocer of the past, with vegetables juices, tasty salads prepared in front of the visitors, and yoghurt, fruits and cereals.
In the coffee corner, a wide selection including coffees, fresh cocktails and milkshakes, is surrounded by a coloured, enjoyable atmosphere. The big floral mosaic of the corner is the ideal frame for a break with friends.
From coffee to pizza, that comes from the oven during the whole day: cold cuts are sliced, the operators knead the flour and offer a taste of Campanian mozzarella. Everything is surrounded by a scenographic wall full of cobs, the warm colors of pasta and a scent of garlic.
Finally, a new format replicable in commercial spaces show us a new way to live pasta. A spaghetti box becomes the place to cook and dress pasta, in front of a long queue of visitors, waiting for their turn.
A “stand-theatre” in which Costa Group presents her latest show, protagonist the italian creativity.