Peperino's pizza in Pordenone 12 NOVEMBER 2012

Peperino's pizza in Pordenone

A neapolitan lady in Peperino.

This is the Pizza at the Peperino way, the new restaurant, in the old town centre of Pordenone.

From the idea of two neapolitan friends, to a cooking project that exports the tastes of Mediterranean kitchen outside Naples. The fittings of this new location are entrusted to Costa Group, the shopfitting company from La Spezia, who designs an unique and exclusive space, that stands out for the interiors' beauty.

The location has three stong points: the authentic Neapolitan pizza, an open-plan kitchen with a wood stove, and three rooms on the upside floor, with a catchy design. Starting from the chromatic choice, visually defining the space, and giving the customer the pleasure of choice. Few but absolutely glamour details. A pink flowers wall-paper, recalling the typical grandmother one, a wood coffered boiserie, exposed wiring painted in red, handmade lamps, coloured stuffed cushions and a patchwork floor.

On the entrance, the exclusive bar counter is covered with coloured ceramics, all different, and with a marble top, recalling the atmosphere of a home kitchen.

The big oven holds a place of honor together with a huge logo of Peperino group, a red pepper, that fills up the whole wall.

And red peppers are almost everywhere, because everyone is a little bit spicy...