Costa Group is waiting for you at Slow Fish 2015 12 MAY 2015

Costa Group is waiting for you at Slow Fish 2015

UNISG staff and students will return to Genoa, May 14-17, 2015, with new educational, informational and tasting activities for this year's Slow Fish food fair. As with every major Slow Food event, students from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo will be on the frontlines with a wide range of activities they have developed through combining their talents and creativity. The following is an overview of the ample program which will be offered at the UNISG stand during the event.

Let's begin with the Personal Shopper/Fisher (renamed by the students for the occasion), a key feature of our events which has had undisputed success. There are two Personal Shopper/Fisher options: one in the Slow Fish market, where visitors are taught how to make "sustainable purchases" and how to recognize all the important aspects for buying the best fish, and the other at the Port of Camogli, with a visit to Tonnarella by boat to experience “a fishermen's life” (reservations can be made at the UNISG stand).

Next, there's the children's learning space with educational games, workshops and experiments related to the themes of fishing, the sea and sustainability, where topics will include the use and abuse of water, the marine ecosystem, pollution of the seas and ways to combat it, and more.

Also on the agenda, there are meetings and conferences with experts and testimonials from the fishing sector, with themes ranging from ocean grabbing and the preservation of the oceans, to fishermen’s work and water pollution.

And of course, the early-evening aperitif, led by UNISG students, is dedicated to pairing wine and fish:     at the UNISG stand at 7 pm, you can have your glass of wine while tasting fish and chatting with  winemakers present at the event.

Let's not forget the classic Eat-in, that livens up all events involving our students: an invitation, in the name of conviviality and taste, to join in sharing food and drinks with other diners during lunch or dinner.

Last, but not least, there's something new, Bike'n'Eat, an event created by UNISG student Rizvi Maham in cooperation with The Bike Republic in Turin (, a "gastro-cycling" tour during Slow Fish to admire the Ligurian coast on two wheels and promote Genoese gastronomic traditions.

Following the great success of Salone del Gusto 2014, UNISG will renew a valuable collaboration with Costa Group for the preparation of the official stand at Slow Fish. The stand is built using recycled materials according to traditional craftsmanship .

For a full schedule of UNISG student activities, information and reservations click here:

Eurocarne 2015 5 MAY 2015

Eurocarne 2015

We are waiting for you at Eurocarne Fair from May 10th to 13th.
Costa Group stand - Hall 11 n. B3-B4 
Deeds, not words 30 APRIL 2015

Deeds, not words

Expo today is one of the most commonly used words, both in a positive and, unfortunately, in a negative sense. In the last six months Costa Group worked hard on the premises, experiencing emotions and making sacrifices to enhance Italian pride and talent. Doing and “Italian doing”, these are the impulses that pushed us to face the challenge. We worked hard, not answering widespread provocations and everyday mockeries. Today Expo is something real, something artistically unique. Only visiting this amazing place it is possible to appreciate and to understand the quality of what has been created. We worked day and night, fitting 51 restaurants in the food area.

Now it’s time to give a plaudit to our staff, workers, collaborators and friends who never gave up and to those who believed in us. 

Franco e Sandro Costa 
Intersicop 2015 3 APRIL 2015

Intersicop 2015

Come to visit us in Madrid from April 13th to 16th, stand Delifrance Iberica 9D07.
We are waiting for you! 
Costa Group attend the conference “The sustainable hotel” 26 JANUARY 2015

Costa Group attend the conference “The sustainable hotel”

Franco Costa will participate to the conference, organized by UNISG/Slow Food Italy and promoted by Expo Riva Hotel, taking place in Riva del Garda Tuesday 27th January at 11.00 am.

This new concept embraces different sectors, such as dining, furniture, waste management, and staff training. The aim is to have a “good, clean and well-run” hotel.