Born from a clairvoyant idea of innovating the format of bakeries - the Costa's “creature” - has come a long way since its creation, 40 years ago. From Riccò del Golfo, a small town in the quiet Ligurian region, it has since crossed the five continents. Today, it exports its ideas and layouts to the whole F&B world.

"It all started when I was in school," explains Franco Costa, "and to earn money I sold flours and bread machines. From there, I started to design pieces of furniture for bakeries that were, back then, little more than wholesale shops. It was the early 1980s : a suitcase, a drawing board, a car and many dreams. Our story starts here."

It was followed by the entry into society of his brother, Sandro, who played an important role in the growth of the company, the expansion of the workshop and the creation of a true industrial area in the hinterland of La Spezia.

It increases the speed up to a record 2015: almost a shop designed and produced per day, of which 51 only for Expo Milano.

Costa Group's recipe is simple: "carry around" ideas from one part of the world to another, export the Italian tradition and culture, going beyond everything that is normal, common, classic and unoriginal. 

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